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Study English in New Zealand!

Welcome to WIE
Providing a quality education that is suited to student’s learning preferences, future study, and employment needs

For several years Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) has been one of New Zealand's leading English language schools, offering quality English Courses in New Zealand. WIE is a New Zealand Government Approved Institution, and registered with the NZ Ministry of Education. Our Teacher training progrmmes NZCLT 4-5 and English programmes New Zealand Certificate of English NZCEL1-5, IELTS Preparation, General English and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) is the only authorised Cambridge English, Occupational English Test (OET) and IELTS Pre-Test Examinations Centre in Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and the only testing centre for TOEIC in Hamilton.

Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) is one of only a few English Language Schools to receive three types of funding for English language courses from the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). WIE receives Student Achievement Component Funding, ACE Communities funding and English for Migrants Funding.

 WIE’s New Zealand Certificates in English Language are nationally recognised qualifications for learners of English as a second language. They can be used as evidence of English ability for direct entry to further tertiary studies in New Zealand.

Where in New Zealand
is WIE?

Click the map to
find out....

WIE is well situated in
the beautiful river city of Hamilton, New Zealand's second-fastest growing city. With a population of close to 200,000 Hamilton provides the perfect environment for study and leisure. Hamilton is centrally located and within a short driving distance to many of New Zealand’s landmark beaches, lakes, mountains, popular tourist destinations and activities  and recreational activities. 

campus is located right in heart of Hamilton CBD, just minutes walk to the Hamilton Transport Centre and  Hamilton City Centre with its many shops, restaurants, theatres and entertainmen

Waikato Institute of Education offers quality and diversity  taught  by staff and English courses.

  • We offer quality English courses from highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic English ESOL teachers (native and bilingual speakers). (Teacher Profiles)

  • A wide range of quality English courses and programmes including: General English at 6 levels (academic and general), IELTS Preparation, TOEIC Preparation, Cambridge Preparation, Practical English for Work, Business and Office English, High School Preparation, Holiday/Summer Programmes, etc

  • Our NZCEL, IELTS and Gerneral English courses are approved and accredited by the New Zealand government - NZQA  (New Zealand Qualification Authority)

  • Regular specials and discounts on English tuition fees

  • Our students come from all around the world including Asia, India,
    South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Islands.

  • We accept international students from the age of 14 years and older

Additional benefits of studying with WIE 

  • Helpful, friendly, professional advisors and support staff – we make YOU feel special from the time you arrive to the time you leave…and consistent.

  • Classes have an average of 8-10 students with a maximum of 15

  • City and campus orientation and a free placement test given on arrival at the Institute.

  • Additional support is offered with one-to-one peer tutoring programme

Our school is equipped with superior  modern facilities (Photo Album)

  • Classrooms are attractive and comfortable
  • Computer facilities include free E-mail, internet access and printing from our computer lab room with technical support from our Media & Technology Officer
  • Our student area includes a kitchenette, student lounge, resource/library area, video room, listening laboratory and free local telephone service.
  • We are the only school in Hamilton to provide Satellite TV for students with around 60 channels from around the world including China, Middle East, South America, etc.

Accommodation and Living in New Zealand( More )

  • Guaranteed accommodation with a carefully selected New Zealand family
  • Opportunities to enjoy the New Zealand experience.
  • Native speaking counsellors to assist students to settle into a new environment.

Pathway to New Zealand University, Polytechnic and High School (More)

Our graduates are accepted onto, diploma and degree programmes at NZ Universities and Polytechnics while some others are accepted onto Foundation programmes or High School certification. As a free service, we will offer facilitation of entry into:

New Zealand Government Support for Waikato Institute of Education

In recognition of being a provider of quality English language courses and programmes, WIE receives New Zealand government funding for its new migrant students through the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Several new initiatives in the provision of
ESOL to WIE’s NZ permanent resident students are supported through various government funded areas eg. ESOL Literacy & Numeracy programme, General English for New Migrants, etc. In addition, WIE is registered by the Government (TEC and Studylink) for students to access the Student Loan and Student Allowances scheme as well as the TEC, English for Migrants pre purchased ESOL tuition scheme.

Take the first step –
Contact us now and let us help you become part of the WIE family

  Courses conducted by the Waikato Institute of Education approved by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority), a New Zealand government organization dedicated to teaching standards in New Zealand.
  Waikato Institute of Education is committed to comply with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (Code of care for students), published by the Ministry of Education (available at www.minedu.govt.nz / goto / international)
  General English Courses and English for Work Course conducted by the Waikato Institute of Education Funded by The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), TEC is responsible for leading the New Zealand government's relationship with the tertiary education sector, and for policy development and implementation.
Authorised Examination Centre for Cambridge English Exams
Authorised Examination Centre for Cambridge The Occupational English Test (OET).
  Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) is the only authorised TOEIC Public Test Centre in Hamilton, New Zealand
  Waikato Institute of Education is a member of Waikato Education International (WEI), an organization representing the Waikato, New Zealand market education for International Students

Waikato Institute of Education
Level 1 Tower Building, Center Place 48
Ward Street,
PO Box 773, Hamilton, New Zealand
Phone: 64 - 7 - 8382450   Fax: 64 - 7 - 838 2453