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Intensive English Language Programme for Groups

WIE’s Intensive English Language Programme for Groups is designed for employees, students and tourists to learn and improve their English language skills in a group setting with people of common goals and needs. The programme has a core General English course combined with Practical English course content with flexible, interchangeable, intensive, language specific sessions using a variety of contextualised or practical topics that may include:
  • Practical Conversation
  • Intensive Writing
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Workplace Communication Skills
  • Academic English

Class work is theme-based - activities are focused on a weekly or bi-weekly topic, usually following the English course book syllabus, so that students can develop useful vocabulary and share ideas in group discussions. English grammar and structure are introduced progressively and used in class communication activities.

The objective of the course is:

  • To equip learners with English language skills for communication.
  • To gain increased confidence with the language and practical understanding of subjects relating to common everyday situations
  •  To concentrate and improve on vocabulary and sentence structure
  • To practice grammar and reading skills.
  • To extend students’ language skills to incorporate speaking and listening while retaining focus on reading and writing to help them to confidently use the acquired skills.
  • To focus on language skills that is commonly used in a formal and informal setting.

The programme curriculum also includes the use of multimedia and on-line resources for the delivery of special interest topics.



To check prices or book online, select your preferred start date, course duration and currency from the options below.
  • 25 Lessons per week (4 lessons per day)
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • 15 students max. per class
  • Course length: 1-50 weeks
  • Age 14+

Students enrolling for General English course sit our placement test on arrival, and are then placed in the appropriate class according to their assessed English language level.

Waikato Institute of Education Certificate in General English (You must meet all course and attendance requirements.)


  1. Studying General English at Waikato Institute of Education opens up opportunities for tertiary study in New Zealand, for more information, please visit: Pathway to New Zealand University, Polytechnic and High School
  2. Learners who have enrolled for or have completed General English are better equipped to travel, live and work in  in New Zealand. for more information, please visit: Pathway to New Zealand Jobs

Excursions can be tailored as required.

For more about  information about  Waikato Institute of  Education English Camp or Holiday Programme, you download here

The programme is available all year. Please ask for a quote as prices vary according to content. Contact Holiday Programee Manager


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