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English for Migrants FQAs
English for Speakers of Other Languages

Where can I get help?

Call English for Migrants at TEC freephone, 0800 601 301, or email servicecentre@tec.govt.nz. We currently have staff who can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Language Line is also available.

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I migrated to New Zealand. Can I study English on this programme?

Yes, if you have pre-paid your tuition to the New Zealand Immigration (NZIS) under the policy which began on November 30th 1998.

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How do I choose a course?

Read the course directory that has details about courses in the city closest to where you live. Then contact the Training Providers who are running the courses for further information. You can also visit any Training Provider before you choose a course.

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How do I enrol in a course?

The Training Provider who is running the course will show you how to enrol. Take your passport, and the Agreement and Schedule you were given by NZIS, along with your settlement pack.

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What if the course costs more than I have paid to the NZIS?

You will need to pay the extra fees yourself.

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Do I have to pay extra for any books?

The course directory tells you what your fee covers for each course. Your Training Provider will tell you about any extra costs not included in the fee before you enroll.

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Do I have to re-sit the IELTS test?


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I work during the day - can I do a course in the evening?

Yes. The directories include daytime and evening courses.

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Do I have to use all the money on one course?

No. You can do any number of courses, with any provider, until you have used all the money you pre-paid.

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What is my tuition expiry date?

It depends whether you have paid your tuition in New Zealand or overseas. For migrants who have paid  Immigration New Zealand (in New Zealand) on or after 31 March 2005, you will have five years to use your entitlement.  For migrants who have paid Immigration New Zealand (overseas) on or after 31 September 2004, you will have five years to use your entitlement.

The expiry date is not related to your arrival date in New Zealand (example: If you paid Immigration New Zealand (overseas) for your English tuition fee on 15 October 2004 but arrived in New Zealand later, you expiry date will be five years after the payment of your English tuition fee which will be 15 October 2009 and NOT five years after your arrival date in New Zealand). If you are unsure about when your tuition expires please contact English for Migrants at the TEC freephone, 0800 601 301, or email servicecentre@tec.govt.nz.

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I don't like the course. What should I do?

Discuss any problems with the training provider first. If this does not solve the problem, call English for Migrants at the TEC on 0800 601 301. If you leave a course, you may lose some of your fees.

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