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English for Migrants

Funded by New Zealand Government, not for international Students

Waikato Institute of Education is a long-standing New Zealand Government approved and funded provider in the delivery of education services.

In recognition of being a provider of quality English language courses and
programmes, Waikato Institute of Education receives government funding for its new migrant students through the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). As an authorised EFM centre, we welcome migrant students all year around.

The Department of Labour (Immigration New Zealand) currently requires some migrants to pre-purchase English language tuition as part of their residence requirement.

The TEC administers pre-purchased English language funds on behalf of the Department of Labour, as part of its English for Migrants programme. Frequently asked questions

English for Migrants Programme is to provide new immigrant students with a reasonable proficiency of English language, while experiencing real life in a New Zealand classroom and home environment, mixing where possible with native New Zealand speakers. The experience is to be holistic in nature, encompassing formal learning in the language classroom and real life experience in a New Zealand school and home, with additional activities and trips relating to local community, New Zealand and fun.

Students will be integrated into current programmes and offered General English with options of Working and Living in NZ or Academic English (IELTS) at all levels.  For those students needing to sit the IELTS exam, WIE specialises in IELTS Preparation courses.

Our courses currently cater to students wishing to learn General English, particularly at the lower Beginner, Pre Intermediate and Intermediate levels. In response to demand, the higher General English levels have included an IELTS foundation component.  Increasing demand from PRs and International students on visitor visas has meant the IELTS component has been reduced.  PRs wishing to take the IELTS Preparation course are assimilated into existing classes.



English for Migrants Programme are available at the following 6 levels:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

To check prices or book online, select your preferred start date, course duration and currency from the options below.

  • 25 Lessons per week (4 lessons per day)
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • 15 students max. per class
  • Course length: 1-50 weeks
  • Age 14+

Students enrolling for General English course sit our placement test on arrival, and are then placed in the appropriate class according to their assessed English language level.

Waikato Institute of Education Certificate in General English (You must meet all course and attendance requirements.)

General English Course Fee Information 
* Special discounts occur regularly, please Contact us  for detail
Full Time ( 25 hours/week + 5 hours/week free tuition)
English Course Length ( weeks) Fees ( NZ$/week)
1 -12 $ 128

Part Time (15 hours/week morning classes)
Course Length ( weeks) Fees ( NZ$/week)
1-12 $ 98
Part Time (8 hours/week Afternoon classes or Evening Class)
English Course Length ( weeks) Fees ( NZ$/week)
1-12 $ 63
Part Time (4 hours/week Evening Class)
English Course Length ( weeks) Fees ( NZ$/week)
1-12 $ 63
Other Fees ( NZ$)
Text Material Fee $60- 120
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