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IELTS Test Dates in Waikato, New Zealand

IELTS Testing Dates and online application links
Year Date Apply Online
2017 28-Oct Academic
  28-Oct General Training
  11-Nov Academic
  11-Nov General Training
  25-Nov Academic
  2-Dec Academic
  2-Dec General Training
  9-Dec Academic
2018 6-Jan Academic
  20-Jan Academic
  20-Jan General Training
  10-Feb Academic
  10-Feb General Training
  24-Feb Academic
  3-Mar Academic
  3-Mar General Training

IELTS Test Results

Results for each test are available 13 days after the test. These will be posted online or you can collect your results from the IELTS Office (Waikato Pathways College) before 1pm (13 calendar days after the test). You will receive only one copy of your test result, ever, but can apply for additional copies.



Waikato Institute of Education
Address: Level 1, Tower Building, 48
Ward Street,
PO Box 773, Hamilton, New Zealand
Phone: 64 - 7 - 8382450   Fax: 64 - 7 - 838 2453