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English Studies for Aviation (ESA)

WIE’S English Studies for Aviation course has been developed specifically for people who work in the Aviation industry and who need to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO's) language proficiency requirements.


The course is designed to assist aviation students to reach the required ICAO Level 4 of English language proficiency, while building confidence with conversational skills and technical language needed for use during training and active duty.


Covering a range of subjects associated with the Aviation industry, Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in particular will find the course useful for improving their English, but anyone working in aviation - ground staff, emergency services, or administrators, for example - who want to improve their English ability, will benefit from the English for Aviation course as well.

As aviation industry staff are required to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations, from dealing with air traffic control, interacting with flight crew and being able to describe flight conditions in detail, themes covered as part of the course will focus on equipping the students with the skills needed to effectively converse in an English language environment within the context of aviation.

The course is built around topics and themes within the context of aviation, with specific reference to and focus on the skills described in the ICAO Level 4 Language profile. The course concentrates on: 








Course presentation focuses on 12 aviation-based themes, each containing a variety of topics specific to the technical language requirements of aviation.


Aviation topics covered as part of the themes will include:

           Aerodrome Layout

           Runway Incursions


           Time of day

           Topographical Features

           Flight Deck

           Equipment Failure


           Powered Flight

           Manoeuvres and control surfaces

           Climate and Season

           Weather and Weather Equipment



           Dangerous and illegal goods

           Flight Safety & Emergencies


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