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New Zealand Certificates in English Language (NZCEL) Course

The NZCEL course is a national qualification in English language for international and domestic students wanting to improve their English language skills for living, working and studying in New Zealand.

Waikato Institute of Education (WIE) is NZQA approved and authorized to deliver both the General and Academic streams of NZCEL certification. Waikato Institute of Education offers 6 levels of NZCEL from Level 1 Foundation to Level 5. The NZCEL General Course includes levels 1 Foundation to level 4 and the NZCEL Academic Course is from level 3 to 5. Each level consists of 60 credits.

 Why Study NZCEL at WIE?

At WIE we understand that learning English is an essential goal for those wanting to live, work, and move towards further study in NZ and abroad. Our aim is to help you settle in NZ, gain the language skills you need for employment, and further education in the least possible time.

WIE’s NZCEL courses provide a unique balance of:

  • Quality, intensive instruction

  • In class testing, practice, and educational activities

  • Self study exercises and homework

  • ‘Real life’ experiences through hosted social activities that compliment unit topics

  •  A total immersion 'English Only' learning environment

At WIE, all NZCEL courses:

  •  Are full time, accelerated 25 hrs per week for 17 weeks.

  •  Are instructed by fully qualified, native English speakers, most with over 15 years experience teaching. WIE has an excellent pool of certified examiners on staff, including those with Cambridge, IELTS, OET and TOEIC experience.

  • Require the same number of hours of homework and self study as in class study. A proven method of getting better results faster and advancing in the English language.

  • Use the best textbooks as recommended by NZ’s top educators.

  • Have the latest resources and teaching methods to enhance your learning experience.

  • Include regular testing and practice to ensure you reach your goals.

  • Are part of a curriculum designed to include practical units for living, working, and further study in NZ, in both General NZCEL courses and Academic NZCEL courses.

Have a total immersion language learning environment with a good mix of international learners from around the world.

Additional Study Benefits

  • Options of specialisation in General or Academic subjects from Level 3 upwards

  • WIE has advisors and counsellors to give advice for your study needs and future pathways.

  • Private one to one tuition is available for specialised needs.

  • Regular, escorted social activities and homestay accommodation, introduce learners to everyday living situations and opportunities to converse with many New Zealanders - ideal for real life conversational practice.

Additional Options:

General English
For students who wish to study English short term or part time and do not require a qualification.
Students will be studying alongside NZCEL students. Course content is the same as NZCEL.

Exam Preparation Option
• Preparation classes for International English exams, such as IELTS, OET, Cambridge and TOEIC, are offered as an option for those studying the NZCEL Level 3 and Level 4 programmes. Please discuss availability and course dates with your admissions counsellor.




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