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Sing English, Learn English Through Song

he most important goal of ‘Sing English’ is to have fun, and yet there are real and valuable outcomes for participants.    
The phrase, ‘That song stuck in my head’, seems to reinforce the idea that songs work on our short, and long-term, memory.  To forget much of what we have learnt in conventional classes appears to be common, and yet most people can easily recall songs, even those learnt at a very early age. 
It seems our brains have a natural propensity to repeat what we hear in our environment in order to make sense of it, this involuntary repetition has been suggested as an example of Chomsky’s ‘language acquisition device’.   For many people songs strongly activate the repetition mechanism of language acquisition.  When combined with the relaxation of being involved in a pleasurable activity, this can greatly increase the singers’ ability to remember.
Songs in general use simple, conversational language, with a lot of repetition, which is just what language teachers look for as effective learning resources.
Thought songs on their own will not teach you how to speak a new language, they are extremely effective in:

  • Acquiring and developing vocabulary

  • Pronunciation

  •  Cultural understanding

  • Listening skills

  •  Understanding slang and common phrases

  • Grammatical patterns

  • Reinforcing new learning

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