I am Iti Raheja, a registered nurse in India. Recently, I have completed English studies at WIE. It was an awesome experience to study here. I have made strong relations with the WIE teachers and my classmates. Teachers are incredibly helpful for students in WIE. All teachers always helped me regarding my studies and living in a completely new environment. I am now friends with international people now because of WIE. I had a great time with my teachers and friends. Concerning the English improvement, I have been improved a lot. My speaking skills are far better now. I can speak confidently now as we have done lots of presentation activities in classroom. Students can enjoy all the facilities like computers, table tennis, caf area etc. I enjoyed a lot while going to trips organised by WIE. The things I liked the most is always cooperative and concerned behaviours of teachers and management. well, I have got an idea how to learn English appropriately as I have learnt lots of archaic English in India which is not longer in use in English speaking countries. Overall it was a fantastic experience to study at WIE. Thanks to all for everything.